The King of Knights from the past who Zenon summoned from the real timeline. Recognition preventing spells were used on him, so that he wouldn't be recognized as "Alfred" in this world. As the mind and soul of "Blaster Blade" return to normal, the world once again recognizes the singularity point. As the false and real timelines begin to overlap, the warriors of the past can be summoned. Just going to meet his best friend, he declared himself a "Seeker", and descended to the altered timeline. Now with the sword returned to his side, the King of Knights speaks the command that will become the iron hammer that will obliterate the invaders from a lawless world.

Who are the "Seekers"?

The Magi of "Oracle Think Tank" have foretold an ominous disaster, "the disappearance of Blaster Blade, the swordsman of light". It is also foretold that "Two Hopes" are required to prevent this disaster. To seek the unknown existence and confront the fate, the search party "Seeker" is formed, with "Blaster Blade" as its leader.