A mage from an ancient era who sparked the sanctuary’s civil war alongside the Dragon of Hell “Phantom Blaster Dragon”, bringing despair to both man and star. Having disappeared in the aftermath of the war, it was thought he had died in the conflict, but in truth he was imprisoned in another space by his once-friend the “Sage of Time”. From a space where time does not flow, each day he watched the world’s fate alongside him. While they sometimes made mistakes, by watching the people of Cray boldly stand up to great evil, he nonetheless began to recall the ancient era he so loved. Without realizing it, he had become unable to see anything but the darkness in people. The ever-encroaching darkness had stolen his vision, and with it he lost sight of the faint yet powerful radiance. “One who falls into darkness is destined to live in darkness. That being so, I shall bestow a shining ray of hope to that darkness, a role for my new self.” The vast knowledge accumulated within his body, the magical power of terrible darkness, and a heart that believes in the small light found in anyone. Harboring a strong light in those eyes fragrant with darkness, the mage will now return to the company of the knights of shadow.

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