After the "Invasion Great War", the "Musketeers of Flowers" have been expanded to multiple troops of 300 Musketeers each, and become the key of state defense. "Cecillia" is the Grandcaptain of all 47 troops, and the mightiest fighter who leads the First Troop herself. The versatile Musketeer's fame has spread even outside the state. She has sublimed her Stride Fusion technique to another level, cutting open new possibilities of the future to obtain the new power she calls "Virginal (Unstained One)". In this great war, her leadership is essential in keeping the defense of the Sacred Tree from being desecrated by the overwhelming Megacolony forces. Even so, she senses the limits of the defense. To inspire her comrades, she perseveres in fighting. The tip of her constantly thrusting rapier hosts her prayer for miracles.

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