Monthly Bushiroad May 2014

A warrior from alternate dimension with the fighting spirit of beasts. It works with its brother machine "Ur Buster" as a tag. It is in fact the combination of multiple Metalborgs which can express power unparalled by single Metalborg. Its ultimate technique, "Beast King Tempest Sword", can cut the sky together with the villain into two, and turn sunny skies to stormy.

Monthly Bushiroad June 2014

Among all the "Metalborgs", he has a Battle-Oriented Body formed by Gestalt. At the time he was merely a "Metal Worker", he was a heavy industrial machine called a "Wheel Crane". He does not have a "Normal Form", instead he possesses two separate Battle Forms called "Unison Form" (his gestalt mode) and Separate Form (his body separated into its components), Since the energy consumption doesn't change much between the two, he generally maintains his Unison Form, which is essentially more suitable for battle. Unlike his brother Ur Buster, he doesn't have much interest in the "Dimensional Robos", as long as he can fight invaders who would invade Cray's lands using his new body, he's pretty practical about things.

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