A prototype model designed with the idea of shrinking the Raizer series. Because this small Raizer manufactured by R&D showed unexpected results, its body was renovated and made an offical member of the Raizer series. A rather peculiar feature of this Raizer is that it is controlled by a unique remote control system, which is duplicated in even smaller versions that are sold as toys to little kids, who buy them like hotcakes. As the design of Raizers continue to expand in strength and scope, there will be no one in the business that doesn’t know their name.

What is the Raizer Series?

The main concept of the "Raizer" Battleroids and their successors is versatility, so it can by driven by any pilot. The first time they were introduced for live combat was with the BR1-0021, commonly known as "Battleraizer", which has had many successive models. But this flexibility which was an initial concept was removed in the second half of development, as more highly efficient builds were manufactured, resulting in many custom-made vehicles constantly participating in the Nova Grappler league.

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