The legend of "reincarnation into a dragon" passes along generations of "Great Nature", an academic institute known for its long honorable history. It is said that those who reach the truth after prolonged study and pursuit would reincarnate into dragons with magnificient power and wisdom. "Managarmr", the white wolf who was portrayed in the legend, was originally a young pup of petite frame. The passion of seeking knowledge brimmed over his little body and intensified as he grew up. At the end of incessant study, he finally reached the truth he had been seeking, and realized that he became one with "knowledge" itself.

The truth he reached is "Omniscience, is to know the ignorance of eternity." Knowing everything is not the end of learning, but the start of a new pursuit. To seek the entity beyond the truth, he continues to walk on the path of study in the vast library existing in the gap of dimensions.

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