He is the wyrmling of Dragons, living in the eastern part of the Dragon Empire. He was born in the season when pink-colored flowers bloom gorgeously in the East, thus giving his name "Petal Flare", referring to the shower of blossoms. The eastern dragons inherited precious jewels known as "Dragon Orbs", which clans of warriors pass from generation to generation. These jewels change their color and shape based on their owners' power, and only those who have grown into competent warriors are allowed to protect the Dragon Orbs.

The dracokid, allowed to join "Perdition" at his young age, possesses a glowing Dragon Orb. No one knows what kind of brilliance that this Dragon Orb would unleash.

Warriors who bear the title "Perdition"

From the discrepancy between memories and the history, those who notice the catastrophe of the world vaguely take actions, in order to find out the true identity of the Light which they recall in common. Behind the exaggerate actions of "Brawlers", some warriors rallied under the title of "Perdition" and acted with the facade of consolidating the gradually distorting foundation of the Empire. Now, the advance party, lead by "Vortex Dragonewt", is investigating in different places while suppressing the outlaws. The main troop, lead by the commander, is focusing on watching over the nation and expanding its force at this moment. After all, they can feel the humongous enemy behind this catastrophe.

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