This is the form of "Ahsha" who has mastered the control of "Stride Fusion" and succeeded to host a new future possibility. This form is from a future further diverged since "Dream-spinning Ranunculus", and their clothings and temperament are different. The assistance during the rebellion occurred in the Sanctuary (The Rebellion of the Shadow Dragon)---as a sign of gratitude, "Altmile" visited "Neo Nectar". Ahsha showed this form to Altmile for the first time, and surprised the knight. The "Full Bloom" she wields is an armament of the future, able to cleanse the nightmares in the nation with a single swing. The fact of gaining a power that can be used outside the battlefield makes Ahsha especially happy. By the way, even after learning Stride Fusion, Ahsha summons "Primavera" occasionally and talks with the latter. Her stance, trying to utilize a great power outside battlefields, shall have a strong impact not only upon Altmile, but also many powerful beings, now and in the future.

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