She is a Musketeer of Flowers summoned by White Clover Musketeer, "Mia Reeta", via Stride. In the future where she came from, the Musketeers are divided in more than twenty ranks. "Splendorous Musketeer" is the third highest rank, and there are only four with the highest and the second highest rank---in other words, there are only four Musketeers more powerful than "Myra". However, in all times, bioroids born with mighty power also bear some sorts of risks. The Musketeer with the factor of rubellum lilies possesses dynamic vision and reflexive abilities nearly forty times more powerful than common bioroids, at the cost of having a body which cannot live long. Although she was born with a weak body, she has paid strenuous efforts to refine her swordsmanship to a level that her abilities can be well utilized. "Those who stand at the top must always look strong and elegant", that is her favourite phrase. Whenever she overstrains her self, her life is shortened. Even so, she is never deterred, and lives a life that does not put her pride in shame.

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