He is a vampire whose name has become well-known in "Dark Zone". Nobody has unveiled the lineage of this self-proclaimed aristocrat. Accompanied by his many servants of vampires and succubi, he flies in the skies of "Dark Zone" every night to search for "prey". Imbibing every drop of blood, willpower and mana from his pathetic victims, he repeats his murderous acts until either he is satisfied or the sun rises.

The true "prey" he seeks, however, are the mighty psychics and demons who compete for the hegemony of "Dark Zone". His mana, fueled by the many souls he devours, skyrockets day by day. The time that his sharp claws could tear the targets of his rivalry apart is nigh. At the time he finishes devouring all his powerful targets' minds, none in "Dark Zone"... or more correctly, none on planet Cray could probably stand against him.

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