A dragonic warrior of "Narukami" that controls the power of Demon and Dragon Seals. Because the previous king feared the overwhelming power of the "Seals", it was placed in an underground prison for a long time. By changing the commandments and ordering its release, it came to be impressed by how great a leader the current king is, as the current king apologized again and again with a deep bow. This made it swear once more, that as long as it's alive, it will remain loyal to the Dragon Empire. The detestable seal placed on it is still not fully released, and therefore will take some time to regain the powers it had during its prime. However, there is not the slightest fluctuation in its fighting spirit. To dedicate infinite glory to its lord, the warrior wields the Demon Sealing Bow "Ouranki (Raving Ogre of Cherry Blossoms)" and heads to the next battle.