The captain of the Special Medical Team "Lapis Lazuli Celestial" whose members are marked by their blue wings. She hides her six wings in times of peace because they intimidate patients. A gentle, broad-minded woman, she possesses both high levels of leadership and calm judgment that she gained during her time in the garrison. As a result, she is fully trusted by her team due to both her personality and abilities. She is often seen being yelled at by her rash vice-captain "Ramiel", who is prone to solve problems as quickly as possible. However, the quick-minded actions of Ramiel are the result of her confidence in Zerachiel, according to the members of the team.

She is the fair-minded Celestial who stands at the top of the blue-winged angels. It's said that only love and kindness exist in her deep blue eyes, the same color that her wings are.

The Lapis Lazuli Celestials are...

A Special Medical Team in "Angel Feather" whose members are deeply committed to their work and must have the skills to match that commitment. Those that pass the aptitude test and want to be assigned must discard their old wings during their baptism by the Archangels, gaining new "Lapis Lazuli Wings". They are sometimes known as the "Reckless Saviors" due to their intense sense of duty that is both inspiring and terrifying.

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