The Яeversed "Blaster Blade", with any cognizance of his original emotions removed. Within "Link Joker", he is categorized as a Berserked-Emotion-Type Яeversed Being. The pain he feels at being unable to understand his own memories is directly linked to his destructive impulse, creating an even greater power. As the first provisional success of the experiment, it is handled with the utmost of caution, and must be in some form of contact with its guardian "Photon" at all times. A pitiful, mad hero whose mind has been infested -- this hollow trump card calls despair to return to the world once more.

Who are the Star-vaders?

The forerunners of "Link Joker", which is the incarnation of "Void" and the invaders threatening Cray. Their main mission is to investigate the indigenous creatures and collect the data of powerful beings, and dominate their bodies if possible. However, it is said that they would annihilate weaker beings in the process, finding their data not valuable enough to be collected. They possess multiple technologies that do not exist on Cray, and can manipulate the mysterious power "Lock" freely.

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