It is one of the “Star-vaders“, the forerunners of the invader “Link Joker“. This model is a faithful servant created by "Chaos Breaker Dragon". They are the pawns of The Clown, specializing in destruction and suppression. Obeying only the orders of their creator, they are under suspicion by the other commanders, thinking that they are created intentionally to become the private troops of The Clown. For this reason, the production of this model is no longer permitted. The might of "Chaos Beat Dragon" is threatening, thanks to its sharp claws and fangs. However, such might is merely child's play when you consider the tragedies caused by "Malice Noise".

"Malice Noise" is sound waves emitted from Void-generating organs and amplified by the horn of "Chaos Beat Dragon". When unleashed, it would magnify the negative emotions residing inside the weak-minded ones, triggering large-scale turmoil and internecine strife. At the moment the noise ceases, the victims would agonize for the crimes they have committed. Such battlefields, filled with malice and regret, are looked upon by hideous shades. Upon permission from the contently smirking Clown, the insane dragons would activate again, trampling the weaklings who stand before them. This signifies the end of a new tragedy.

Who are the Star-vaders?

The forerunners of "Link Joker", which is the incarnation of "Void" and the invaders threatening Cray. Their main mission is to investigate the indigenous creatures and collect the data of powerful beings, and dominate their bodies if possible. However, it is said that they would annihilate weaker beings in the process, finding their data not valuable enough to be collected. They possess multiple technologies that do not exist on Cray, and can manipulate the mysterious power "Lock" freely.

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