G Booster Set 1: Generation Stride

She is a member of the abruptly emerged armed group "Gear Chronicle", and one of the inspectors whose major role is to figure out the necessary spot for space-time restoration. A big fan of detective stories in a certain world, she has the custom to say “The mystery is solved!” whenever she understands something. She is a “human”, but many of her organs are mechanized, including a portion of her muscle fibres, thus giving her superhuman strength. Her shield “Distortion. D”, equipped with “Time Engine”, can distort a thin plane of dimension. The distorted plane can act as a barrier as energy flow within an object is stopped when the object contacts the distorted plane. For example, bullets flying in high velocity would have their kinetic energy reduced as the bullets approach the distorted plane.

Monthly Bushiroad

She is one of the inspectors of "Gear Chronicle". Because a portion of her muscle fibres are mechanized, she proclaims herself a "gearoid" for the sake of convenience. For some reasons, she joined hands with inspectors of the holy nation to investigate the mysterious life forms. Because she hadn't got used to working in polar regions, she was scolded by Bryderi from the beginning to the end of the risky expedition that takes place in snowy mountains.

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