"Gallows Ball" is a violent sport which praises "rules are nothing" publicly. Of high notoriety, the ultra-cruel team "Spike Brothers" is the most long-lived team of the sport. On one occasion, a mysterious massive man intruded the team's preparation room. All the team's players tried to crush that man as a warm-up... and in turn, the team "lost by default" for the first time in the history. After singlehandedly crushing all the members to a point beyond recovery, the massive man called himself "Hellhard Eight", and forced the team's owner to accept him and his comrades into "Spike Brothers". As "Spike Brothers" believe in "power equals justice", they were all "admitted". Crush the weak, crush the strong. Crush justice and evil altogether. Right and wrong, gain and loss, strong and weak, all are the same in front of the temerarious cataclysmic rogue. The strongest, the deadliest, the uncontrollable team. That day was the birthday of the reborn "Spike Brothers".

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