A Petty Officer of Captain "Genovious"'s troop. He is famous within and outside the troop as a swordsman whose skills are comparable to "Pavroth", and infamous for his rough and violent behaviour. His physical strength and swordsmanship allow him to dual wield massive Hydro Sabers which commoners cannot use, and his ability to convert his body tissue into liquid instantly allows him to move quickly by disappearing into the seas. Nevertheless, prominent individual strength is nothing more than seed of discord to a group, and he had been suppressed by regulations and orders. It is only since Lapis' assignment to his current position, that he has been allowed to launch individual sorties and unleash his strength without regret. "There is a kind of talent that can respond to the others by releasing it from restrictions", according to Captain Genovious. Gazing after the turbulent ripple with admiration and awe, the subordinates are improving for sure.
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