Clove is a spellcaster of the future "Genesis", which has grown into one of the top conglomerates on planet Cray. She is known as the producer of completely made-to-order "sacred water". Sacred water, produced by imbuing holy magic of water, is used as an "exorcising material" in modern Cray. However, in the future, the technique of mass-producing sacred water is established, and it is widely used in the fields of medicine, cosmetics and weapon maintenance. Nonetheless, sacred water produced by "sacred water prescribers" like Clove is made of carefully selected materials, and the amount of imbued mana puts the mass-produced ones to shame. For example, a few drops of the make-to-order sacred water can create barriers with radii of several metres around encampment and shut out the mana of enemies. The sacred water produced by the "Witch Queen" is highly recognized in the fields of medicine, cosmetics and military, and according to some sayings, the price of the sacred water is equal to ten times that of gold of the same mass.
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