• The opponent may not look at the required amount of cards at the top of his deck at the same time, but has to look and call the top card of the deck and repeat this until the same amount of units that were returned to deck are called. It still considers the units called by this skill to be called at the same time. [Note that the players look at the top card proceeds to call the unit before looking at the next card]
    • For example: If your opponent returns 5 cards to the bottom and then calls 3 May Rain Liberator, Bruno and 2 Overcast Liberator, Geraint all of them get a plus of 12000 [Power], since even though they were called one at a time, They are still considered to be called at the same time.
  • In the scenario that Upheaval Pegasus Strides on Chronojet Dragon and the player chooses to use Upheaval Pegasus skill and the Opponent calls a unit that is able to SC another unit/have an on call skill if it was called to a RC [Eg: Swordmy, Loop Ear, Farmgal, Purple Trapezist etc]. The opponent must first finish calling all the remaining cards that is necessary to complete upheaval's skill > Due to Player/Turn Priority GC player must choose to activate Chronojet skill or timing will be missed > However even if the unit that is going to SC was sent back to the deck via Chronojet skill, the skill was already triggered so Opponent is skill able to to SC nonetheless unless otherwise stated by the card.
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