1. Question: When my opponent's locked rear-guards are five or more, I use this card's ability. What happens?
    Answer: Card on the top of deck does not move to (RC), and it remains on the top of deck. It is not possible to check the card's information.
  2. Question: It is possible to check the information of the locked card placed from the top of the deck by this card's ability?
    Answer: Yes, it is possible.
  3. Question: Can I put the locked card on top of existing rear-guard?
    Answer: Yes, you can. The replaced rear-guard will be placed in the drop zone.
  4. Question: Can I put the locked card on top of another locked card?
    Answer: No, you cannot.
  5. Question: When I place a locked card on Winged Dragon, Skyptero rear-guard, it will be placed in the drop zone. Can I activate Skyptero's ability and return the card to my hand?
    Answer: Yes, you can.
  6. Question: When I used this card's ability to place a locked card from the top of my opponent's deck while Demon Claw Star-vader, Lanthanum is on my (RC), do it gets [Power]+2000?
    Answer: No, it will not get [Power]+2000. This is because the opponent places a locked card on his/her field, and not his/her rear-guard is locked.
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