• When activating this card's Limit Break Skill, it is possible to choose Pellinore himself as a target for the +5000 power.
  • If applying this card's Limit Break Skill to the unit behind this card, the +5000 power is applied when boosting (ie. if you add the 5000 power to a unit with 8000 power, it would boost Pellinore for a total of 13000)
  • When you move this card to the (VC), it appears in STAND position.
  • When Pellinore is called by the effect of a skill that give him power and moved with Pellinore's skill to (VC), as it's moving between circles the power is not lost.
  • When you move this card to the (VC), it is not considered a superior ride. A "ride" is when you move a unit from anywhere, except from a circle, to the Vanguard Circle.
  • When this unit is moved to the (VC) by its second skill, the skill of Muungal or Blue Axe Knight, Taliesin will not be activated. Because again, its skill is not even considered "placed on" due to the same reasons.
    • This also means the effects of Break Ride units will not be activated either.

Extreme Fight

  • When you call this card to (RC) by Interdimensional Dragon, Epoch-maker Dragon's effect, if you move this card to your (VC), it is still returned back to the deck at the end of turn. In this case, choose one card from your soul, and ride it. If you fail to do so (e.g have no souls left), you lose the game.
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