• This is about this card's Limit Break activation and resolution:
    • Step 1: You pay the cost granted you have four or more damage.
    • Step 2: If you still have an open rear-guard circle, you activate the effect again without paying the cost.
    • Step 3: Look at the top card of your deck.
    • Step 4: The decision, call it?
      • No - Put that card into the bottom of your deck, and the skill stops.
      • Yes - Call it on an open rear-guard circle, and if you still have an open rear-guard circle, repeat the step 2 to step 4. (If you have five open rear-guard circles when you use the skill, you can choose to fill it all up.)
  • If you call a unit from your deck with an skill of "When this unit is placed on (RC)", you must first finish resolving Garmore's Limit Break before activating any those skills.
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