• Due to this unit's Break Ride effect, you may combine it with Ultra Beast Deity, Illuminal Dragon's Limit Break, where you can potentially stand 4 rear guards, thus having the ability to have 2 more boosted attacks.
    • Beast Deity, Azure Dragon could also stand 4 rear guards, and almost at no costs at all (except a copy of Azure Dragon in hand). And as Azure Dragon could stand any Nova Grappler rear-guards, it could prove to be deadly as it can stand Dancing Wolf, which can boost for 10k in rear-guard columns.
  • You can also combo with Stern Blaukluger for standing your vanguard, and can pull off his effect twice. As Nova Grappler are full of damage unflippers, the damage expenses are not too high.
    • If you have Super Electromagnetic Lifeform, Storm on the field, you can increase the frequency of pulling Stern's effect, as it can unflip damages. But, you must also need Storm to hit the opponent's vanguard to trigger his effect.
  • If you manage to breakride Perfect Raizer and gain its critical skill, you can make your opponent waste a lot of cards to defend against its attack, or its going to be a free 2 damages to the opponent. Even though he/she defended, you still have your rear-guards to attack, which if you drive checked a trigger, your opponent might not be able to block it.
  • Units worth standing by this unit's Limit Break are Miss Splendor, Beast Deity, Yamatano Drake, Beast Deity, Golden Anglet, Armored Fairy, Shubiela, and Dancing Wolf. Anglet, Yamata Drake and Dancing Wolf can power up if they stand, so they could attack again later. Miss Splendor can force the opponents to play guards from their hand only, and can cause overguard (due to them being unable to use intercepts) from the opponent, while Shubiela can help to draw more cards, if you have enough soul.
    • Standing Mr. Invincible in rear-guard columns can make you use his Megablast, and possibly use this unit's Limit Break once more.
    • If you use a Raizer deck, it might be worth it to stand Hi-powered Raizer Custom if Battleraizer is behind it, thus giving you two benefits: recycling triggers, and having a more powerful attack than before (considering you didn't boost High-Powered before that).
    • Brutal Joker keeps its power boost, so it is also an option.
    • Brutal Jack is also a powerhouse that should be stood, as it has 11k base power and can intercept on the next turn.
  • For trigger lines:
    • If you intend to include this in Azure/Illuminal Dragon deck, you can consider running less stand triggers due to the massive standing.
    • If you run Raizers, more critical triggers might be useful.
    • In Stern Blaukluger decks, use more draw triggers, so your hand will not deplete as quickly.
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