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  •  Crimson Impact, Metatron's Limit Break can be useful to power up Thousand Ray Pegasus extremely by doing a combo with Love Machine Gun, Nociel. For example, 3 Thousand Ray Pegasus are on the back rearguard circles. By calling 2 Love Machine Gun, Nociel and activate their skill, the Pegasus get altogether [Power]+4000 each. Then activate Metatron's Limit Break, with the 2 Nociel as the cost to call them back. This gives the Pegasus another [Power]+4000 each. Since the Nociel is called back, their skill can be activated and gives the Pegasus another [Power]+4000. So the power of Thousand Ray Pegasus each would be 19000. Your center line's power would be 32000. The power of your right and left's lines would be 27000 each.
  • If you are lacking damage to activate the Limit Break, the Doctoroids can help to make it active, not only boosting the pegasi's damage and speeding up the use of limit break, but can also deny your opponent's heals. It's also a great way to recycle your own heals by making sure you have one in the damage zone before your End Phase.
  • If you have Sunny Smile Angel in your damage zone and any other card, you can switch cards such as Fever Therapy Nurse, Crimson Mind, Baruch and/or Crimson Drive, Aphrodite with them. Then you can use her to boost, thus sending her back to the deck in the End Phase with her skill. This method is not recommended, as you minus yourself a 10k Shield.
  • Before going into a frenzy with your skills, make certain you calculate how powerful your columns will be ahead of time, and what Rearguards to call back and in what locations. If you do not take the time to do this, there may be times your offense is offset by 1-2k for one of your columns that otherwise could have hit for another stage of offense.
    • Example: Metatron Break Rides over Ramiel while there is a single Thousand Ray Pegasus on the field (9k). You call another Thousand Ray (7k). After performing Limit Break, you decide to call back Love Machine Gun, Nociel in front of the first Thousand Ray (currently 13k) and leave the Rearguard Circle open in front of the second Thousand Ray (currently 11k). Nociel activates her skill, which gives both Thousand Ray another power boost; in addition, you choose to use the ability of Emergency Celestial, Danielle, and call her to the open Rearguard Circle in front of the second Thousand Ray and giving both Thousand Rays another power boost. Your Rearguard columns as of now are 24k for Danielle, and 25k for Nociel; your opponent's Vanguard is 11k. Because you called NOCIEL in front of the first Thousand Ray, instead of DANIELLE (who would've made the column 26k), you missed an opportunity to force more Shield from the opponent.