• Although it is less advisable to use her in a deck focused on Phantom Blaster Dragon (due to the high Counter Blast costs), you can use this card's skill to Superior Call Blaster Javelin to discard a Grade 3 and search out Phantom Blaster Dragon. Alternatively, in a deck focused on Phantom Blaster Overlord, you can use her skill to search out Nightmare Painter to place a Phantom Blaster Dragon in the soul to trigger Overlord's +2000 passive skill without losing a turn to Cross Ride.
  • You can recover the flipped damage using Cursed Lancer.
  • Use this Unit's effect to retrieve Black Sage, Charon or Witch of Nostrum, Arianrhod, who are your most effective Units as boosters, whereas Tartu cannot call either of them. The extra +1000 Power of Tartu might be useful, though.
  • If you run multiple copies of this card, it is advisable to plan out your Rear Guard formation in the early game in order to accommodate for her appearance.
  • Use this card to call Revenger, Dark Bond Trumpeter to call a grade 0 revenger to rear guard.
  • Use this card to superior call Black-winged Swordbreaker, in return for calling a 6k booster, you can draw a card to accommodate for the low-powered column.
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