Using this card multiple times while "Love Sniper, Nociel" is your Vanguard could effectively increase your card advantage significantly if the effect sends a "Nociel(s)" to the Damage Zone.

If you are using this card in a deck based on "Love Sniper, Nociel", you are likely using many Stand Triggers as "Happy Bell, Nociel" is also a Stand Trigger. If so, using units like "Million Ray Pegasus" and "Nurse of Broken Heart" is strongly recommended. This card would not only work well with your Vanguard, but also with these rear-guards as they will get more powerful each time this skill is used, which gets better still if your Drive Check reveals a Stand(s).

You can have an infinite loop of power just like Twin Blade Liberator, Margaux

The step to do it are the following:

1. Have 1 or 2 Doctoroid Refros in your damage zone.

2. Have Doctoroid Refros in your hand or (RC).

3. Your deck must only contain the remaining Doctoroid Refros.

4. Have Pegasi series and/or Nurse of Broken Heart on the (RC) or Black Shiver, Gavrail on the (VC).

5. Use Refros skill to put Refros from your damage zone to your deck. Since your deck only have Refros, you certainly will drew Refros after finishing the effect.

6. Repeat step 5 as many times as you like to make huge powered Pegasi/Broken Heart or all your front row due Gavrail GB2.

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