• Oracle Think Tank Units that function very well with this card have effects that activate when you Call them, and are: Dark Cat; Battle Sister, Cocoa; Circle Magus; Luck Bird; Battle Sister, Lemonade, (if you have a method for filling the Soul) and others.
  • This card can retrieve your Sphere Magus or Lozenge Magus that was called out at the start of the game, and provide you with extra Shield.
  • Use this card to rearrange the formation of your Units for optimal attack power, and return unneeded Units that you cannot use for Intercept, such as Draw triggers, to your hand, in order to use them as guards or for the effect of Battle Sister, Chocolat. Also helpful to get rid of Grade 0 units on the field with 10000 shield without retiring them and protect yourself from Stil Vampir in case your opponent uses Dark Irregulars.
  • In order to make sure that this card's power-up remains active, it is beneficial to use this card in an Oracle Think Tank deck based on indiscriminately drawing a lot of cards.
  • If all of your rear-guards are at rest from Megacolony's Card Effects, you can ride this card and return all of them to your hand and then back into the rear-guard circles.
  • Having cards that fatten up your hand such as Maiden of Libra , Psychic Bird , Dark Cat , CEO Amaterasu , and Luck Bird in your deck will very significantly help with pushing Sakuya to full power.
  • You can call recklessly before riding this unit, because all those units would be sent back to your hand afterwards. Don't over-predict and call too many cards if you know the opponent will attack them (on the Rear-Guard Circles) though, or else you will be losing the hand advantage Oracle Think Tank attempts to get, and then you won't be able to activate her skill.
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