• Combine this G unit with Sunrise Ray Knight, Gurguit to fortify your field and have a high offense that turn.
  • Try attacking with this unit last. Because of cards such as Holy Mage, Pwyll and Advance of the Black Chains, Kahedin that can call units from the deck during the Battle Phase, Scourge Point's skill will activate on the call of those units, powering itself and the called units up. By attacking last, you have a chance to just overpower your opponent's shield if they do not have access to a PG.
    • That being said, Stand Triggers are good choices in decks that utilizes this attack pattern. Gigantech Ringer is the perfect Stand Trigger to use, as you can put it back into your deck when you call another unit to give it 10000 power (5k each from Scourge Point and Gigantech Ringer) and draw 1 card.
  • Mix this card in decks like the Bluish Flame deck. Cards like Ketchgal Liberator, Physical Force Liberator, Zorron, and Butterfly Liberator, Korderia can really abuse Scourge Point's ability (as long as your heart is a Liberator for some specific cards).
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