1. Break Ride this card on top of Eva, who gives +10000 power and an ability.
  2. Call Silver Thorn Clown, Cernay behind your vanguard, alongside another 4 rear-guards.
  3. Use End of Stage's ability to re-stand by putting all rear-guards but Cernay into the soul.
  4. Use Cernay's effect to call itself, and call two Brassie Bunny or Miss Direction from your soul (and attack with them if you want).
  5. Attack with End of Stage once more, using the effect given by Eva by putting Bunnies/Misses into the soul and call out Rain Elemental, Tear and Tightrope Tumbler. Immediately call out two Bunnies or Misses back to the empty (RC) with their effects.
  6. Soul Charge 2 with Tumbler and Counter Charge 2 with Tear.
  7. At the end of that battle, put Tear, Tumbler and Misses/Bunnies into your soul to re-stand your vanguard.
  8. Repeat Step 4-7 as much as you can.
  • Do note that the combo will deplete your deck by 4 cards (two from soulcharge, two from drive checks) each time you repeat it.
  • Also, you'll need two face up Cray Elemental G units, so it is advisable for you to use Snow Element, Blizza or Heat Element, Merindol beforehand, or 2 of the Cray Elemental G guardians, such as Agleam or Dizmel (the latter of which can give Resist to one of the combo-units that may already be on RC).
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