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Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki
  • Using Blaster Mameshiba to guard, you can then move it into the soul with its skill, which will increase the power of Gust Blaster's Limit Break.
  • Use Fullbau as a Starting Vanguard, and then ride Blaster Javelin, if possible. This will ensure you can ride Blaster Dark in the next turn, since Fullbau's skill will add it to your hand. This will make sure you can get a minimum of 10000 power and 2 criticals from Gust Blaster's Limit Break.
  • Use Nightmare Painter to put extra Blaster cards (preferably grade 3's, to keep your shields high) from your hand into the soul.
  • You can get a 10000 boost for this card from Apocalypse Bat. Another option is Branbau Revenger, since you retire units during the battle phase.
    • Another option is to keep the circle behind the vanguard empty, and use the grade 1's to guard instead. Since Gust Blaster's Limit Break adds huge power to himself, he doesn't really need a boost, and it helps against sabotaging clans like Link Joker, Kagero, Narukami,  Megacolony, or Gear Chronicle.
  • This card's Limit Break can get your opponent to 6 damage instantly with a multi-critical attack (if you manage to have 5 Blasters in your soul, which you could achieve with ease), so if it's an option, attack their rear-guards more than their Vanguard to deprive them of attacks, intercepts, shields, counterblasts, and Limit Breaks.
  • You can include this unit in a Revenger, Phantom Blaster "Abyss" deck, as performing Legion will make you have 2 Blasters on your Vanguard circle which can be used for this card's Limit Break if you ride it later.
  • Use with "Phantom Blaster Dragon (Break Ride)" for more power and hand advantage, and refill counterblast for later use.
    • With "Phantom Blaster Dragon" skill to search for this card, Preparing the Break Ride
    • Be warned, using the said card will greatly injure your "Blaster" cards in the soul. Thus lessening the pressure on opponent.
    • Do note that you will need at least one Promising Knight, David or Pitch Black Sage, Charon in order to pay all the cost.