NOTE: Use Seekers Superior Call is effective to add more rear-guard in your field but remember, there's possibility that your opponent will target, Retire, or Lock your rear-guard. But if your rear-guard that you call it by Superior Call survived, Saint Blow will gain more power.

  • Even if you don't have two face-up units in your G-Zone, you can still use this cards skill to turn it into a beatstick and instantly gain access to Altmile's Generation Break.
    • Even though it won't gain the +1 Critical, this will occasionally be the best option for Royal Paladin Stride decks.
    • Alternatively, you can use Snow Element, Blizza to gain instant access to Altmile's Generation Break. However, it won't gain as much power unless you only have one rear-guard, at which point you may as well use Gablade.
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