• One interesting target for this card's skill is Ripple Banshee which can give you up to two 21k+ columns if used on the right units.
    • ie. Reviving Banshee alone makes her 11k which hits for 21k with a 10k unit and a giving her +2k skill to Dandy Guy, Romario makes him a 10k booster.
    • In Extreme Fight, you can use cards like Seeker, Tranquil Unicorn instead.
  • A good way of using this card is to Limit Break, and then superior ride a copy of this card from the drop zone for another Limit Break. It ensures you to have extra two units with extra power available for your attacks.
  • To use the full extend of this unit's ability, pair it with Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist.
    • Break Ride Nightmist over Nightmist, then Superior Break Ride Nightsnow from the Drop Zone, then proceed to this unit's Limit Break.
    • By this combo, your field will be filled for the turn, similar to King of Demonic Seas, Basskirk's Megablast, with your rear-guard powered up by Spirit Unite Platinum, albeit only temporary.
    • In a case that your field is practically empty, having a Hades Steersman in your drop zone would help to fill in that fifth (RC), and act as the fodder for Nightsnow's Limit Break.
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