• It is not recommended to use milling skills such as Ruin Shade while running this card as it will drain the deck too fast. It is also not recommended to overuse this card's skill, think carefully when to use the skill to prevent decking out.
  • Sea Strolling Banshee is a good unit to target to revive for a free rear-guard, hand advantage, and 9000 Power boost.
  • You can revive Dragon Undead, Skull Dragon or Dragon Corrode, Corrupt Dragon, they can make hard hitting columns with a boosting unit to compensate one of your columns being weaker due to having to lock a rearguard.
  • If you Break Ride this card, you can lock one of the revived units to prevent if from being retired, keep in mind that you need to give up the +5000 Power gain, so you can lock a low powered unit with an useful skill such as Dancing Cutlass.
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