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Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki
  • Remember that it's not needed to have "Crimson Lion Cub, Kyrph" as your starting vanguard to ride this unit. Kyrph's skill will cost you 2 booster units, one of them an 8K, so in some situations it might be better to leave the Superior Ride as a back up in case you have no Grade 3s by the time you're supposed to ride one.
  • During Ezel's Limit Break, it is sometimes best to just use it once, unless you need him to refill the field or your opponent's hand is small. Do not always use his skill all in one shot or else you may waste his power gaining ability when your opponent Perfect Guards you.
  • If you're considering using Ezel's Limit Break, you should leave a column of your rearguard circles open and judge by its grade/power which one to put in what place.
  • After using Ezel's Limit Break, which can drain your counterblasts, it may not be able to be used again due to lack of unused damage. Once you no longer want to use Ezel's Limit Break, you can use Wind Flame Lion, Wonder Ezel to superior ride into other Ezel grade 3s for free or Stride.
  • If you need to free a RG spot to use this card's Limit Break, you can call units like Flame of Victory over a unit which can remove themselves with their skill and give you an open zone.
  • Using this card with Kyrph's superior ride skill grants Ezel a total of 4 Soul this allows one to use cards like Silver Fang Witch( Dindrane as well however she must be superior called) who can allow you a rear guard that pays for its own call in a way or a plus 1 if called of Ezel's own Limit Break as well as a very good rearguard to send back to the deck if this card is paired up with White Hare in the Moon's Shadow, Pellinore.
  • Since you can only call the top card of your deck with this card's Limit Break you run the risk of accidentally calling Trigger cards, so it's recommended to run Triggers with effects in case this happens, better if those triggers can return themselves to the deck.