Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki
Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki
  • If you plan to finish your opponent: Follow these steps
  1. Legion
  2. Call Osmium, Volt Line and Lanthanum, Niobium in the same column.
  3. Use this card's Counterblast. Giving a lock
  4. Use Robin Night's Skill , Three Locks by far. Power +6000 to Lanthanum and Niobium(Three Locks, Three Counterblast)
  5. Optional: Call Photon. More Locks.
  6. Call Aurora Eagle behind this card, in Robin Knight's Place(Photon if you do step 5)
  7. Attack with Osmium boosted by Volt Line, your opponent won't let it hit at all cost.
  8. Attack with this card, since you have more Rearguards, Legion Power is 30000. Use this unit skill, giving a power to this unit, Radon and Aurora Eagle. 45000 power overall. Not counting Perfect Guards, almost nothing will stop this power
  9. If your opponent survive Legion Attack, Finish them off with The Claw Star-vader