• This card's effect can be used to fetch 10k guards, Pure Keeper, Requiel, Battle Cupid, Nociel, or any other needed card from the damage zone as well as other copies of this card, for using the effect twice and at the same time triggering the effects of The Phoenix, Calamity Flame, Million Ray Pegasus and Thousand Ray Pegasus.
  • Ideally, you should put down Grade 3's, draw triggers or weaker guards/attackers/boosters when paying the cost for this effect.
    • If you are running Circular Saw, Kiriel, put down cards that make good targets for its Counterblast, i.e. units that boost when a card is placed into the damage zone.
    • Crimson Impact, Metatron can make effective switches.
  • As much as possible, target flipped cards in order to reuse Counterblast effects as if you simply unflipped them.
  • Don't forget that this effect doesn't work when this unit is placed on the Vanguard Circle. Ride a different unit if you can.
  • You can also use this card with cards like Thousand Ray Pegasus and Million Ray Pegasus,since it increases their power.