• As long as you have two front row rear guards, you will be able to make a total of five attacks solely from this break ride, as you can switch out your front row rear guards.
  • This unit is also very effective with Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier. As when you attack she will gain 6000 power when the two units swap. If you have two Purple Trapezist in the soul and or on the field, you can give Luquier and additional 6000, and have two rearguard columns standing. This makes Luquier a 22000 power unit (10000+2(3000)) before boosting. If you use her Limit Break on the same turn and call out a Girl Who Crossed the Gap and Purple Trapezist, this is additional 18000 (6(3000)) power, for a grand total of 40000 power. This can be further extended by the use of Midnight BunnyMirror Demon, and/or Nightmare Doll, Alice.
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