• Remember not to spam this card's Equip Gauge charging effect, as otherwise you'll burn through your deck quickly. Think carefully if you'll be able to keep five Equip Gauges for your next turn keeping in mind that your opponent can attempt to retire your rearguards with Equip Gauge.
  • When aiming for this card's damage dealing effect try not to stockpile too much Equip Gauge into a single rearguard, as your opponent will be more tempted to retire it. It is useful to keep cards that can charge Equip Gauges during your main phase to compensate for lost Equip Gauges.
  • This card often won't need a Grade 1 to boost it due to its own Power gain effect, so you can call Winged Dragon, Skyptero to boost your Vanguard, retire it for your costs once you ride Gigarex, and recover the Skyptero either to boost another column or to use it to guard for your next turn.
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