• It is worth noting that this card can hit 11000 without a counter blast or a soulblast and does not have restraint.
  • Use this card to set up the drop zone for Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus.
  • It is always a good idea to consider using this card's skill after you have attacked with your vanguard. If your drive check revealed at least 1 trigger it's a safe bet that Ruin Shade will not send any triggers to the drop zone with her skill. The opposite is also true; it is not a good idea to use Ruin Shade's skill if you did not check any triggers during your attack.
  • Don't necessarily use this unit's skill with every attack - play it conservatively as above to set up your Drop Zone, then only use Ruin Shade's skill if using it would cause your opponent to require a larger guard. This will help prevent the risk of decking out. The same strategies for Ruin Shade can also be applied to Evil Shade.
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