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Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki
  • You can easily get enough Soul for using this card's skill two times by using Barcgal (or specifically, Future Knight, Llew) or simply riding over another legioned Vanguard and returning your First Vanguard to the soul.
    • Calling two Dream Painter can also fulfill the soul requirement.
    • You can also easily be able to use the skill twice by using the Galahad Ride chain.
    • You can use Majesty Lord Blaster's skill to fuel the soul to use this unit's skill twice.
    • In extreme format, you can use Regalia of Prayers, Pray Angel to instantly fuel the cost for the second skill for you to use the superior ride thrice.
    • you can also use Wingal Youth skill to fuel the hand and soul requirement for Thing Saver's Legion skill's cost.
  • When this card perform Legion again by its own skill, you can activate or reactivate the effects of cards that have " When your Vanguard Legion" on their effect text.
  • A neat little trick in a Deck running Stand Triggers is boosting a Legion attack and then applying all the effects of a Stand Trigger to the booster, letting you Stand your booster and still give the power to the Vanguard's attack.
  • If you repeatedly boost this unit with Grynngal and restand him via Stand Triggers, if the conditions are set you can use soulmate legion 2 times.
  • If you Boosted this unit with Bravogal Seeker and the attack hit, use Bravogal's effect first to call a Gildas, then use Thing Saver's effect which will activate Gildas' effect to call another Grade 1 to boost Thing Saver's second attack.