• These cards are good targets for this unit's Limit Break:
  • This skill is very worthwhile if your field is almost empty, allowing you to gain huge advantage. Therefore, it can be thought of as a counter to decks that demolish your field, such as KageroNarukami, and Gear Chronicle.
  • This card combines well with Peek-a-boo later in the game, because that Unit can disappear to enable better use of Luquier's Limit Break without costing you field presence. It also gives an easy +3000 per turn, and can be used to get +1's with the Purple Trapezists that you already need for a lot of Luquier's other combos.
  • It is advised that a deck using Luquier utilizes many units that fill up the Soul, or it might be impossible to use her along with all the other Pale Moon skills.
  • When you have three damage you can increase it by using the skill of See-saw Game Loser and See-saw Game Winner to increase your damage by one which will allow you to use her Limit Break.
  • If you use the cards Nightmare Doll, Alice, or Midnight Bunny, you can get an extra attack, as well as give Luquier +3000 power. If you use Purple Trapezist with the Bunny, you can give her +6000 instead, and have a fully stood rear-guard column.
  • If you use two Purple Trapezist with Girl Who Crossed the Gap, you can loop their effects until you run out of counterblasts, and give Luquier a massive boost. You can also loop Magician of Quantum Mechanics with the Girl to give a boost, but it eats through Counterblasts much faster.
  • You can break ride this unit on Miracle Pop, Eva, which can increase her power even more when she's attacking to make your opponent use up more resources for your last 2 attacks.
  • You can use Magician of Quantum Mechanics to call out a Jumping Glenn from the soul, which will give Luquier +3000 and give Glenn her activation requirement, which makes an easy 23000 column every turn.
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