• Use this card in conjunction with Barcgal, which can fill up your soul easily.
  • Ways to easily gather 5 souls for this card include:
    • The Galahad chain makes 5 souls inmediately if succesful.   
    • Let your First Vanguard in the soul and riding normally to Grade 3 (You can also use Clowdia or Wingal Brave and move them back) (3), using Pongal's skill to search Soul Savior Dragon (4), and riding SSD your next turn (5).
    • Majesty Lord Blaster sends Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark to the soul, and Wingal Brave can go back to the soul to search a Blaster unit, producing a total of 5 souls. 
    • Using White Dragon Knight, Pendragon to superior ride other Grade 3 units to add to stack the soul or superior ride Soul Savior Dragon itself.
    • Using the skills of Margal and Silent Sage, Sharon to fill up your soul and power up your units. These are trigger units, so they do not necessarily take up extra deck space for other units.       
    • Demon Slaying Knight, Lohengrin's Soul Charge skill.   
    • Sage of Guidance, Zenon's superior ride skill, but at a lot less reliability.
    • Sanctuary of Light chains help if you missed the Grade 2 on the chain.  
    • You can search this card from your deck with Pongal, which in turn would also sets up your soul count.
    • Riding this card on top of a Legion Mate vanguard will will give you exactly 4 soul, so if you use Pongal or any card that goes to soul beforehand, you'll fulfill this card's requirement.
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