The main point of this unit is the fact that he's splashable in a lot of decks that gear for hand control. Voidmaster's Ability to force an opponent to pitch a card when you have less cards than your opponent will forces your opponent to either guard and lose that wall or take a hit and force him to pitch a card for it anyway.

It should also be noted that if combine in hybrid decks depending on the engine, deck construction skill will require the deck to go through a lot of play testing in order to determine the right number of void master for the deck.

His first ability is useful when your in the lead with hand advantage while his second ability is to ensure that you opponent hand will be the same as your current hand. thous granting you the lead during your turn as your opponent is likely to have less cards than you if you attack with void master in the previous turn.

If you combo this guy in the RG with Stealth Dragon, Dreadmaster, you can plus yourself by three:

  • 1 plus is getting rid of opponent units
  • 2 drop a card with Voidmaster's effect.
  • 3 drop a card with Dreadmaster's effect.

So your opponent loses three cards if he let this slide.

This card is likely to force a guard and drains the opponent's hand either way if boosted by a 7000 booster, forcing almost always a 10k guard. If this card is your rear-guard and you drive check a trigger, giving that power to this card can really be quite intimidating.

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