Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki
Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki
  • This card runs well with Crescent Magus because you can choose between draw or power+counter blast conversion
  1. If choosing draw use Crescent Magus' skill first to check the top of your deck then use Stellar Magus' skill to draw that card.
  2. If choosing power use Stellar Magus' skill first and name an Oracle Think Tank  card that is not in your deck to check the top for Crescent Magus  skill to hit 18k for going against crossrides (counter blast conversion can be done here if you use a non-Magus and unflip a Magus card for the special counterblasts in the future)
  3. If you already know the top you can get power + draw Crescent Magus => Stellar Magus
  • This card is also good with stands provided you know what is on top of the deck. This is easily attainable when you have another Crescent Magus boosting the other rear-guard column.
  • Use caution when playing this unt, as most likely your opponent will kill this ASAP and Magus based decks dont have alot of draw power compared to Battle Sister Decks or most other Oracle Think Tank Decks.
  • You can use this card to set up for a 21k attack on another rearguard column (Cuore Magus + Crescent Magus). Just be sure to name an Oracle Think Tank card that is not in your deck.
  • Using Briolette Magus to draw then this card's effect to draw Briolette Magus provides a way to keep your opponent from knowing what was drawn.
  • You can use this card to attack first after you break ride on Hexagonal Magus so that you can draw a non-Trigger card which you placed on top, in order to gamble on the second drive check revealing another Trigger.
  • This card works nicely in conjuction with CEO Amaterasu, who let's you check the top card each turn.