• This card helps generate the first infinite loop discovered in the game. The steps to do it are the following:
    • 1- Have 2 White Rainbow Liberator, Balan in play.
    • 2- Have at least one Bruno, Geraint or Balin in play (any of them will give the same result at the end).
    • 3- Have a Blaster Blade Liberator in play.
    • 4- Have only 1 card in the deck.
    • 5- Activate the Margaux's Limit Break by returning Blaster Blade Liberator.
    • 6- Call only Blaster Blade Liberator (otherwise you deck out).
    • 7- Unflip 2 cards with each Balan.
    • 8- Repeat the step 5-7 as many times as necessary to make huge powered Bruno/Geraint/Balin.
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