• This card is the only non-Link Joker "Reverse" unit that doesn't end in a word that starts with a backwards R.
  • Daiyusha and Great Daiyusha used a sword (a short range weapon), while this card used a bow (a long range weapon), reflecting its reversed nature.
  • While Dimensional Robo cards are based off various mecha from the "Brave series", this card is different in the sense that it could be based off from "Mazinkaiser", a powerful mecha that can exceed Gods and conquer the Devil.
  • This card's attack name is "Judgement Flame" and "Reverse Bowgun, Thunder Arrow" in the Japanese version of the anime, while the first was changed to "Flame of Judgment" in the English dub.
  • This card's Limit Break is called "Tyrannus Gravity" in the Japanese version of the anime, and "Gravity of the Dark Tyrant" in the English dub.
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