• This card was the first "Deletor" to be originally introduced, as well as the first card to be able to Delete. It was followed by those from MTD01 Malefic Deletor.
  • This card's ability also could remove the cards from the opponent's soul, as Tetsu mentioned when his vanguard was deleted in the manga.
  • This card's finishing move attack is called "Delete End" in the manga, which also delete the connections between the losing fighter and their units.
    • MTD01 Malefic Deletor and Daunting Deletor, Oksizz also use this phrase in its Japanese slogan and SP flavor respectively.
  • Interestingly, "Docking" (Dokkingu) sounds similar to "Daunting" (Dōntingu) which is used on Oksizz. Both cards are also the original avatar card of Kouji Ibuki in the respective media.
  • The kanji part from this card's card name (絆の根絶者 Kizuna no Konzetsusha) can be translated as "Exterminator of Bonds".
  • This card's ability is called "Docking Release" in the manga.
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