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  • This card is named after Omega, the 24th and last letter of the Greek alphabet.
  • Following Link Joker's style of naming units based on astronomy, the symbol "Ω" can represent some or all of these:
    • Omega baryon, a family of subatomic hadron particles which have the symbols Ω and have a +2, +1 or −1 elementary charge or are neutral.
    • Longitude of the ascending node of an orbit.
    • Density parameter, also known as the density of the universe.
    • This makes it the first card with symbol in its card name as well.
  • This is the first card whose ability allows the player win the game. It was followed by Original Deletor, Egorg.
  • This is the first card to be able to Omega Lock.
  • This and Liberator, Monarch Sanctuary Alfred are the first cards that have two Limit Breaks.
  • This is the first grade 3 card with 11000 power to not have a negative effect.
  • Almost each of this card's abilities has been named in the anime. In the order printed, they are:
    • "World End" ("Render of Planets" in the English dub)
    • "Omega Lock"
    • None
    • "Ascendant Joker" ("Harbinger of the Joker" in the Engish dub)
  • When this card appeared in the anime, a sound effect that is similar to that would be later used for the damage checks during a fight in Prison, is also played.