Cardfight!! Vanguard: Asia Circuit is the second season of Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime, sequel to Cardfight!! Vanguard. It first aired on April 8th, 2012 at 10:00 AM, the new time-slot is on Sundays.

Plot Summary

The Vanguard Fight Circuit is a huge tournament where Aichi, Kai, Misaki, Kamui and Ren have to travel around Asia to fight different fighters. The first tournament will be held in Singapore, the second in Seoul, Korea and the third in Hong Kong and the final tournament in Japan which will also be the stage for the overall finals for each winning team.. The other side characters like Miwa, Morikawa, etc. will be left in Japan during the Singapore and Seoul stages and Miwa will be looking after Card Capital, as the Acting Shop Owner during the Tournament Period. 

However, Aichi mysteriously loses his Royal Paladins and is given the Gold Paladin clan and Kai has his Kagero clan replaced with the Narukami clan. Everything surrounding the the VF Circuit and the new clans revolve around a young boy named Takuto Tatsunagi who speaks with the winner of each stop. But emerging from the Circuit sees the revival of an ancient clan and a force that seeks to destroy the Planet Cray. In order for Aichi to learn the answers to these mysteries, Aichi must Break Through the Limit.

Main Characters


Japanese opening theme 1: Limit Break

Japanese ending theme 1: Jounetsu-ism

  • Performer: Rin
  • Episodes: 066-078

Japanese ending theme 2: Fighting Growing Diary

  • Performer: Natsuko Aso
  • Episodes: 079-091

Japanese ending theme 3: Entry! by Sea☆A

  • Performer: Sea☆A
  • Episodes: 092-104

English opening theme: Limit Break

English ending theme: Way To Victory (EN)

  • Performer: Sea☆A
  • Episodes: 066-104


Episode Guide - Season 2
Season 2
Episode Number
Japanese Title
English Title
Japanese Air Date
Vlcsnap-2012-04-20-19h54m02s133 Episode 66 Gōrudo Paradin (金色の騎士団) Gold Paladin April 8th, 2012
67 Episode 67 "Hatsudō! Rimitto bureiku!!" (発動!リミットブレイク!!) Activate! Limit Break! April 15th, 2012
Vlcsnap-2012-04-29-19h56m14s235 Episode 68 "Chīmu Q4 futatabi" (チームQ4再び) Team Q4, Once More April 22nd, 2012
CFV-Episode69 Episode 69 "PSY kara no chōsen'jō" (PSYからの挑戦状) A Challenge from PSY April 29th, 2012
CFV-Episode70 Episode 70 "Kaimaku! VF Sākitto!!" (開幕!VFサーキット!!) Let It Begin! The VF Circuit! May 6th, 2012
CFV-Episode71 Episode 71 "Sanjō! Chīmu Shinobi"


Enter Team Ninja May 13th, 2012
CFV-Episode72 Episode 72 "Genkai o Koeru Shishi"


The Lion that Surpasses the Limit May 20th, 2012
CFV-Episode73 Episode 73 "Uranai Faito!"


Fortune Telling Cardfight! May 27th, 2012
Vlcsnap-2012-04-29-19h56m14s235 Episode 74 "Megami o Kakete!" (女神を賭けて!) Dream Girl Dilemma! June 3rd, 2012
Episode 75 Episode 75 "Erīto no no hokori" (エリートの誇り) Pride of the Elite June 10th, 2012
Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 9.51.08 PM Episode 76 "Tensai kōrin" (天才降臨) The Advent of a Genius June 17th, 2012
Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 9.54.17 PM Episode 77 "Setsugen no chōsen-sha"


Challenger at the Snow Fields June 24th, 2012
Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 9.56.49 PM Episode 78 "Tetsu Arawaru" (テツ現る) A Visit from Tetsu July 1st, 2012
Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 9.57.33 PM Episode 79 "Nekkyō-tekina no sourusutēji" (熱狂的なのソウルステージ) Excitement at the Seoul Stage! July 8th, 2012
Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 9.58.18 PM Episode 80 "Kyougaku no shin menbaa" (驚愕の新メンバー) The Startling New Member July 15th, 2012
Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 9.59.16 PM Episode 81 "Kishitachi no saisen" (騎士たちの再戦) Rematch of the Knights July 22nd, 2012
CFVEP82 Episode 82 "Yūsha no Chōsen" (勇者の挑戦) Challenge of a Hero July 29nd, 2012
CFV-Episode83 Episode 83 "Densetsu no Faitā"


A Legendary Fighter August 5th, 2012
VangaurdEpisode84 Episode 84 "Tō natsu e no Jōtaijō"

(遠夏 への招待状)

An Invitation to Everlasting Summer August 12th, 2012
CFV-Episode85 Episode 85 "Sorezore no Natsu" (それぞれの夏) Our Respective Summers August 19th, 2012
CFVEP86 1 Episode 86 "Otokomae Faito! Mitsusada VS Gouki! " (男前ファイト! 光定VSゴウキ) Handsome Fight! Koutei VS Gouki! August 26th, 2012
CFVEP87 Episode 87 "Moeyo! Honkon sutēji" (燃えよ!香港ステージ) Passion! The Hong Kong Stage September 2nd 2012
CFV-Episode88 Episode 88 "Saikyō taggufaito"


Power of the Tag Fight! September 9th 2012
Episode89Intro Episode 89 "Zassō tamashī!!" (The•草•魂!!) The Entangling Weeds! September 16th 2012
Episode90Intro Episode 90 "Shutsugeki! Densetsu no kantai" (出撃!伝説の艦隊) All Hands on Deck! The Legendary Fleet! September 23rd 2012
Episode91Intro Episode 91 "Sōran Ryū meirusutorōmu" (蒼嵐竜 メイルストローム) Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom September 30th 2012
CFV-Episode92 Episode 92 "Q4 VS Urutorarea"

(Q4 VS ウルトラレア)

Q4 VS. Ultra Rare October 7th 2012
CFV-Episode93 Episode 93 "Tenshi-tachi no Mai" (天使たちの舞い) The Angels' Dance October 14th 2012
CFV-Episode94 Episode 94 "Tsudoishi Shōsha-tachi"


A Gathering of Winners October 21th 2012
CFV-Episode95 Episode 95 "Jūketsu! Nihon Sutēji" (集結! 日本ステージ) Assemble! Japan Stage! October 28th 2012
CFV-Episode96 Episode 96 "Kessen! Buraidaru Faito!" (決戦! ブライダルファイト!) Decisive Battle! Bridal Fight! 4th November, 2012
CFV-Episode97 Episode 97 "Ō kara no chōsen-jō!"


The King's Challenge 11th November, 2012
CFV-Episode98 Episode 98 "Aratanaru kagayaki!" (新たなる輝き!) A New Shine! 18th November, 2012
CFV-Episode99 Episode 99 "Kaze no Shinjitsu!" (風の真実!) The Truth of the Wind 25th November, 2012
CFV-Episode100 Episode 100 "Kōki no Shishi" (光輝の獅子) The Blazing Lion 2nd December, 2012
Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 10.02.44 PM Episode 101 "Sōryū Reon" (蒼龍レオン) Leon Soryu 9th December, 2012
Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 10.04.04 PM Episode 102 "Kaze no Shinpan" (風の審判) The Wind's Judgement 16th December, 2012
Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 10.05.36 PM Episode 103 "Hikari to Kyomu" (光と虚無) Light and Nothingness 23rd December, 2012
Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 10.07.51 PM Episode 104 "Kaze no Yukue" (風のゆくえ) Where the Wind blows 2nd January, 2013

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