This is the episode listing for the 1st season of the Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime.

It was first premiered in in Japan on TV Tokyo on January 8th, 2011. An English dubbed version of the series was released in October 16, 2011 in Singapore. The english dub can be found on the official CARDFIGHTVanguard Youtube channel (it is region locked to some countries).

Plot Summary

The protagonist of this story, Aichi Sendou, is a timid boy in his third year of middle school. He had been living his life looking backward rather than forward, trying not to stand out. However, he had one thing that kept him going, Blaster Blade, a card from a card game that was given to him when he was little. That card is the reason why he begins to engage in Card Fights, something that changes his life drastically.

The name of the card game is "Vanguard." The game takes place in a different planet called "Cray," and due to a never before seen play system, it becomes popular throughout the world.

Aichi, immediately attracted by Vanguard, meets friends such as Misaki Tokura and Kamui Katsuragi, along with other rivals. Through friendly rivalry with them, Aichi begins to enjoy a fulfilling life. Aichi, however, has a goal: to once again battle with a Vanguard Fighter by the name of Toshiki Kai. Kai is an aloof and cold-hearted high school student who has outstanding abilities in the world of Vanguard. He is also the reason why Aichi started playing the game. For him, Toshiki is the person who saved him from his boring life and introduced him to Vanguard. In order to get better at Vanguard, Aichi puts his soul into it every day. He wishes that someday, he'll be able to battle Toshiki and have him recognize his worth.

He soon learns about a power called PSY Qualia, and another boy called Ren Suzugamori, who also has the same power...

Main Characters


Japanese opening theme 1: Vanguard

Japanese opening theme 2: Believe in my Existence

Japanese ending theme 1: Diamond Stars☆

  • Performer: Natsuko Aso
  • Episodes: 01-15

Japanese ending theme 2: Smash Up!!

  • Performer: Shiina Hekiru
  • Episodes: 16-25

Japanese ending theme 3: DREAM SHOOTER

  • Performer: Sea☆A
  • Episodes: 26-38

Japanese ending theme 4: Starting Again

  • Performer: Sayaka Sasaki
  • Episodes: 39-52

Japanese ending theme 5: Nakimushi TREASURES

  • Performer: Saori Kodama Feat. Milky Holmes
  • Episodes: 53-65

English opening theme 1: Vanguard

English ending theme 1: DREAM SHOOTER

  • Performer: Sea☆A

Episode Listing

Episode Guide - Season 1
Season 1
Episode Number
Japanese Title
English Title
Japanese Air Date
Ride1 Episode 1 運命の先導者!

(Unmei no Vangādo!)

Vanguard of Destiny! January 8th, 2011
Ride2 Episode 2 勝利へのライド

(Shōri e no Raido)

Ride to Victory! January 15th, 2011
Epi3 Welcome to Card Capital Episode 3 ようこそ!カードキャピタル

(Yōkoso! Kādo Kyapitaru e)

Welcome to Card Capital! January 22nd, 2011
Ride4 Episode 4 猛攻!ツインドライブ

(Mōkō! Tsuin Doraibu)

Assault! Twin Drive! January 29th, 2011
Ride5 Episode 5 旋風!小学生ファイターカム

(Senpū! Shōgakusei Faitā Kamui)

Whirlwind! Kamui, the Grade-School Fighter! February 5th, 2011
Ride6 Episode 6 謎のカードショップ

(Nazo no Kādo Shoppu)

The Mysterious Card Shop! February 12th, 2011
Ride7 Episode 7 せんりつのソウルブラスト

(Senritsu no Souruburasuto)

The Fearsome Soulblast! February 19th, 2011
Ride8 Episode 8 騎士王、出陣!

(Kishi-ō, Shutsujin! )

The King of Knights Enters The Fray! February 26th, 2011
Ride9 Episode 9 ショップ大会開幕

(Shoppu Taikai Kaimaku)

The Shop Tournament Begins! March 5th, 2011
CV-Episode 10 Episode 10 忍者ファイター、参上

(Ninja Faitā, Sanjō)

Enter the Ninja Fighter! March 12th, 2011
CV-Episode 11 Episode 11 忍者ファイター、退場

(Ninja Faitā, Taijō)

Ninja Fighter Withdraws! March 19th, 2011
CV-Episode 12 Episode 12 アイチVSカムイ

(Aichi VS Kamui)

Aichi vs. Kamui March 26th, 2011
CV-Episode 13 Episode 13 決着!ショップ大会

(Ketchaku! Shoppu Taikai)

Shop Tournament Winner Crowned! April 2nd,2011
CV-Episode 14 Episode 14 不死の恐怖!グランブルーデッキ (Fushi no Kyōfu! Guranburū dekki) The Fearsome Undead! The Granblue Deck! April 9th, 2011
CV-Episode 15 Episode 15 ハラハラ!?エミの初ファイト

(Harahara!? Emi no Hatsu Faito)

Thrilling! Emi's First Fight! April 16th, 2011
CV-Episode 16 Episode 16 チームQ4キューフォー、地区大会へ

(Chīmu Q4, Chiku Taikai e)

Team Q4 Heads for the Regional Tournament! April 30th, 2011
CV-Episode 17 Episode 17 新たなる仲間たち

(Aratanaru Nakama-tachi)

New Allies May 7th, 2011
CV-Episode 18 Episode 18 白熱のトーナメント!

(Hakunetsu no Tōnamento!)

White-Hot Tournament! May 14th, 2011
CV-Episode 19 Episode 19 決戦! ノヴァグラップラー!(Kessen! Nova Gurappurā! ) Showdown! Nova Grappler! May 21st, 2011
CV-Episode 20 Episode 20


(Himerareta Messēji)

Hidden Message May 28th, 2011
CV-Episode 21 Episode 21 決勝での再戦!!

(Kesshō de no Saisen!!)

Rematch in the Final Match! June 4th, 2011
CV-Episode 22 Episode 22 舞い降りた聖龍

(Maiorita Seiryū)

The Holy Dragon Descends June 11th, 2011
CV-Episode 23 Episode 23 運命の出会い

(Unmei no Deai)

Fateful Encounter June 18th, 2011
CV-Episode 24 Episode 24 消せない記憶

(Kesenai Kioku)

The Indelible Memory June 25th, 2011
CV-Episode 25 Episode 25 記憶の先に

(Kioku no Saki ni)

Beyond the Memories July 2nd, 2011
CV-Episode 26 Episode 26 波乱の幕開け!全国大会!

(Haran no Makiake! Zenkoku Taikai!)

A Stormy Beginning! The National Championship! July 9th, 2011
CV-Episode 27 Episode 27 ジュラシックアーミー

(Jurashikku Āmī)

Jurassic Army July 16th, 2011
CV-Episode 28 Episode 28 猛進!たちかぜデッキ

(Mōshin! Tachikaze Dekki!)

Aggressive Movement! Tachikaze Deck!! July 23rd, 2011
CV-Episode 29 Episode 29 月、満ちるとき

(Tsuki, Michiru Toki)

When the Moon is Full July 30th, 2011
CV-Episode 30 Episode 30 最強チーム、AL4アペックスリミテッドフォー

(Saikyō Chīmu, AApekkusu LRimiteddo4!)

The Strongest Team, Asteroid! August 6th, 2011
CV-Episode 31 Episode 31 美しきアサシン

(Utsukushiki Asashin)

Beautiful Assassin August 13th, 2011
CV-Episode 32 Episode 32 魔界の将軍

(Makai no Shōgun)

Demon World General August 20th, 2011
CV-Episode 33 Episode 33 漆黒のブラスター

(Shikkoku no Burasutā)

Blaster of Darkness August 27th, 2011
CV-Episode 34 Episode 34 夏だ!合宿だ!ヴァンガードだ!

(Natsu da! Gasshuku da! Vangādo da!)

It's Summer! It's Camp! It's Vanguard! September 3rd, 2011
CV-Episode 35 Episode 35 合宿の成果

(Gasshuku no Seika)

Results of the Training Camp September 10th, 2011
CV-Episode 36 Episode 36 裏ファイトの王

(Ura Faito no Ō)

The King of Underground Fights September 17th, 2011
CV-Episode 37 Episode 37 帰ってきた忍者マスター

(Kaette Kita Minja Masutā)

The Return of the Ninja Master September 24th, 2011
CV-Episode 38 Episode 38 三和の実力

(Miwa no Jitsuryoku)

Miwa's Ability October 1st, 2011
CV-Episode 39 Episode 39 地区大会、再び

(Chiku Taikai, Futatabi)

Return to Regionals October 8th, 2011
CV-Episode 40 Episode 40 危険な匂い

(Kiken na nioi)

Dangerous Scent October 15th, 2011
CV-Episode 41 Episode 41 復讐のキョウ

(Fukushū no kyō)

Kyou's Revenge October 22nd, 2011
CV-Episode 42 Episode 42 PSYクオリア


Psyqualia October 29th, 2011
CV-Episode 43 Episode 43 黒い先導者

(Kuroi sendō-sha)

Black Vanguard November 5th, 2011
CV-Episode 44 Episode 44 予期せぬ来客

(Yoki senu raikyaku)

Unexpected Visitor November 12th, 2011
CV-Episode 45 Episode 45 シャドウパラディン

(Shadou Paradin)

Shadow Paladin November 19th, 2011
CV-Episode 46 Episode 46 絡みつく糸

(Karamitsuku ito)

The Coiling Thread November 26th, 2011
CV-Episode 47 Episode 47 もう一つのフーファイター

(Mō Hitotsu no fū faitā)

Another Asteroid December 3rd, 2011
CV-Episode 48 Episode 48 孤独なファイト

(Kodoku na faito)

Lonely Fight December 10th, 2011
CV-Episode 49 Episode 49 櫂の戦い

(Kai no tatakai)

Kai's Battle December 17th, 2011
CV-Episode 50 Episode 50 戦いの果てに…

(Tatakai no hate ni...)

At the end of the Battle... December 24th, 2011
CV-Episode 51 Episode 51 黄金の輝き

(Ōgon no kagayaki)

Golden Glow December 31st, 2011
CV-Episode 52 Episode 52 洋上の歌姫

(Yōjō no utahime)

Songstress of the Sea December 31st, 2011
CV-Episode 53 Episode 53 開戦!決勝トーナメント

(Kaisen! Kesshō Tōnamento)

The Battle Begins! Tournament Finals January 7th, 2012
CV-Episode 54 Episode 54 剣闘士グラディエーター(Guradiētā ) Gladiator January 14th, 2012
CV-Episode 55 Episode 55 カエサルの女帝

(Kaesaru no Jotei)

Caesar's Empress January 21st, 2012
CV-Episode 56 Episode 56 皇帝と呼ばれる男

(Kōtei to Yobareru Otoko)

The Man They Call "The Emperor"! January 28th, 2012
CV-Episode 57 Episode 57 宿命の対決

(Shukumei no Taiketsu)

Fateful Showdown! February 4th, 2012
CV-Episode 58 Episode 58 激突!オーバーロード

Gekitotsu! Ōbārōdo()

Clash! Overlord February 11th, 2012
CV-Episode 59 Episode 59 頂点の座を賭けて

(Chōten no Za o Kakete)

Fighting for the Top Spot February 18th, 2012
Vlcsnap-2012-02-25-10h54m42s88 Episode 60 将軍の壁

(Shōgun no Kabe)

Wall of the General February 25th, 2012
Vlcsnap-2012-03-03-10h29m21s103 Episode 61 フーファイターへの想い

(Fū Faitā e no Omoi)

Feelings Towards Asteroid March 3rd, 2012
Vlcsnap-2012-03-10-21h16m07s115 Episode 62 ファイトの支配者

(Faito no Shihaisha)

Lord of the Fight March 10th, 2012
Vlcsnap-2012-03-17-09h49m55s160 Episode 63 並び立つ能力者

(Narabitatsu Nōryokusha)

Two Powers, Side-by-Side March 17th, 2012
Vlcsnap-2012-03-24-10h11m36s90 Episode 64 PSYクオリアの真実

(Saikuoria no Shinjitsu)

The Truth of Psyqualia March 24th, 2012
Vlcsnap-2012-03-31-08h07m03s202 Episode 65 目覚めし双剣

(Mezameshi Sōken)

Awakening of the Twin Blades March 31st, 2012

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